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Starting Each Round

  • Before the event, before every round, and at the end of every round you should be in the "Event Ready Room" Voice Channel

  • Dion will announce the start of the round, give the end of round time, and begin a unified 85 minute timer.

  • Go to the "Round-Pairings" channel to see what table you are assigned.

  • Go to the GSP Discord Voice channel that corresponds with your table number.

  • Confirm that your opponent is who you are assigned to play. 

  • The player with the most secure internet connection should make the room.

    • Name the room - GSP# (Example: GSP54)

    • The number is the table number you are assigned.

    • Your room's password MUST be: GSP# (Example: GSP54)

      • The number is the table number you are assigned.

      • GSP should be capitalized

      • When setting up the room do not limit the number of seats so that judges and other staff can enter room as need.

  • Share a YASB Link of your list with your opponent via discord direct message (REQUIRED) 

    • Links to other squad builders not allowed​.​​

  • Spawn TWO copies of your squad, setting one in your play area and the other on the unused table

    • Spawn your list using 1 of the 2 methods below

      • Using the YASB TTS text import​

      • Pull the List from a recently saved disk

    • If you require extra color coding outside of what TTS automatically does, you must have it saved your in "saved objects" in TTS.

      • Additional color coding during set up of a game is not allowed for the sake of time

      • Once set up is complete, start your table clock on TTS and begin play


End of Round

  • If the announced "End of Round" time arrives before your table timer finishes, your game is over.

  • Only Finish the round if you have reached the System Phase. For the purposes of this event the Planning Phase will NOT constitute the beginning of a new round.

  • When your game is complete, BOTH Players must enter/confirm the results on Table Top TO. ​Please double check for accuracy. This is the number 1 things that slows down events.

Tech Issues, Expectations & Resources

  • All players signing up for the event MUST:

    • Know the basics of using Table Top Simulator​ (5 games minimum)
    • Communicate to their opponent Via Discord Voice chat
      • (Using headphones/headset is highly recommended)​
    • Report all results on Table Top TO
  • Technology issues always happen but make sure to set yourself up for success by testing to make sure your devices can run/access all required programs and sites at the same time.

  • Lack of knowledge of how to use TTS or personal technological failure will also result in you being removed from the tournament WITHOUT a refund.

  • Worse Case Scenarios:

    • In the event of an event-wide TTS failure we will add time to the event clock and if need be, postpone matches to another date.

    • While we don't have control over all the issues, we will do our best to mitigate problems as they arise.

Rules Questions/Judges

This event will have judges available for questions throughout the event.

  • If a judge is needed:

    • Both players should move over to the Judge Room voice channel.

    • Judges will speak with players and if need be join the players' game on TTS.

  • DO NOT call a Judge for range/arc checks. TTS does all of this for you.​

    • The right click arc checker supersedes the visual arc checker.


  • What is the Deadline for List Submission?

    • Before the start of the player meeting of the applicable event.​
  • Can I have a refund and/or participation prize(s) if I cancel/don't show up/etc?

    • No. This policy is in place to encourage commitment to the event and avoid players filling spots they can not use.  I understand that you may have a legitimate reason but this policy is firm. Please contact us ASAP if you are unable to participate so that someone on the waiting list can be let in.

  • Can people join my table to watch on TTS?

    • No. In order to limit the possibility of players receiving outside help, we are not allowing outside viewing of games besides those streamed by GSP and other approved streams.

  • Can I stream my games?

    • No, but you can record them with your opponent's consent. Though if managing your recording will delay you in any way do not do it. Also, in order to limit the possibility of players receiving outside help, we are not allowing outside viewing of games.​​

  • Will I be dropped if I don't upload my list before the deadline?

    • Yes.

  • Do I really need to follow all those steps in the PDF you sent when I signed up?

    • Yes. Not following all directions will cause you to be removed from the event. Remember no refunds will be given.​

  • Where are the step-by-step instructions you said you sent?

    • Look at your receipt for the event and click "DOWNLOAD." This PDF will have all instructions and links you need.

  • I signed up on Table Top TO. Why does it say my sign up is pending?

    • Dion must go through each player to make sure they have filled out the google form in step 1 of the instructions. Make sure that you have completed this. As the forms are completed, Dion will manually approve each player.​ Please be patient.

  • How much Experience do we need with the TTS?

    • The event should NOT be your first time playing on the TTS platform.  Lack of knowledge of the basic functions of the module may result in removal from the event.

  • How Do I make/join a Room in TTS?
  • How do I Save my squad so I can load it faster?
  • I accidentally deleted my ship/the wrong ship. What do I do?

  • What to do if TTS CRASHES during the event!!! 

  • Have other questions?

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