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Our 2021 Galactic Champion is....

Congratulations to Alex Mogensen our 2021 Galactic Champion. He was the last player standing in a field of over 250 players!

His List consisted of the Following: YASB Link

In a post game interview Alex mentioned that originally he had proximity mines on "Breach" instead of Conner Nets and Seismic Charges. That last minute decision likely helped his 2 matchups versus Dash Rendar in the swiss rounds.

Most competitors don't fire at Tavson while they have ships in his arc in order to avoid taking a modified shot from what can be a very scary primary attack. There were 2 clutch turns where "Breach" was able to trigger Tavon's ability with the seismic charge, giving Tavson an offensive modifier and destroying an enemy ship with that now modified shot.

Additionally, a great performance by Runner Up - Joel Springle who brought a list that NO ONE was expecting.

His List consisted of the Following: YASB Link

Lethal simplicity is the name of the game for this squad, but the true secret sauce of the list was what Joel referred to as his "snaggle tooth" formation. At set up he would set each of the Black Sun Aces at different angles. This achieved 2 things. First, versus opponents that set their ships at 90 and 45 degree, this formation increased his chances of lining up bullseye thus triggering predator. Secondly, Joel sited that this strange formation often caused his opponents to make maneuvering errors due to the lack of predictability.

Examples of the Snaggle Tooth Formation by Joel Springle

More Posts about the Galactic Championship to come!

Be sure to watch our Recordings of these awesome games on our Youtube Channel:


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