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GSP Formal and Premier Event streaming Policies

  • Game State/Judge Issues

    • These are handled on an event to event basis.

    • Whenever possible, commentators will have a direct line to a judge to be able to address issues. Once the judge has been notified, it is the judge's choice to take action or not.

    • Commentators will NOT stop a game if there is an issue unless given permission.

    • There are events where judges do not want our input. In these situations the judge's word is final and we will not notify judges.

  • Commentators on GSP Stream will do their best to provide unbiased commentary. 

  • If a player agrees to play on stream, they also agree to having the recording of the game posted to the GSP YouTube page.

  • Live chat is not shown on screen during a match.

  • Live Chat Rules

    • ​No bullying, sexism, racism, homophobia or other hate-based chat

    • Don’t argue with people over chat 

    • Keep Chat family friendly - people of all ages watch our content

    • Stay Positive

    • Don't insult people, including sarcastic remarks

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