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Goldies Raffle

Raffle Winners

X-wing 2.0 Conversion Kit - 145258 (Online Winner) contacted

Full Set of GSP Cards - 145122 (Online Winner) Shipped

X-wing Parody Song - 145340 (online winner) contacted

Rectangle Evade - 145302 (online winner) Shipped

rectangle evade - 761061 (online winner) Shipped

salt token set - 145186 (online winner) Shipped

Salt token set - 761232 (online winner) Shipped

salt token set - 145113 (online winner) Shipped

salt token set - 145258 (online winner) Shipped

Mandalore open Target lock - 761203 (online winner) Shipped

circle evade - 761056 (online winner) Shipped

mynock token set - 145193 (online winner) Shipped

Salt v2 token set - 761214 (online winner) Shipped

legion card set - 761197 (online winner) Shipped

Random Alt Art from Thule Squadron Radio: (online winners) Shipped

 761065, 761100, 761208, 761007, 761264, 145030, 145218, 761143

GSP Gold T Shirt - 761071 Shipped


-X-wing 2.0 Conversion Kit Pre-order

-Signed Adepticon Final Loopin' Chewie Set (In Person Only)

-Original Abstract Poe art By Jerry S aka Color Abuse (In Person Only)

-U-wing vs Striker Print x2  (In Person Only)

-Luke Carrington Painted Arc-170

-FFG Official Acrylic Focus Tokens

-FFG Official Acrylic Evade Tokens

-Set of Gold Squadron Podcast Templates

-Full Set of GSP Alt Art Promos

-Real Repaints HWK-290 Repaint/Mod

-FFG Official Acrylic Mandalore Target Locks

-Steel Open 2017 Challenge Coin

-Tie Fighter vs X-wing Print (In Person Only)

-GSP T-Shirt

-FFG Offical Legion Promo Set

-Campaign Against Cancer 2017 Challenge Coin

-Mini Ship Target Locks by Small Space

-Tie Fighters vs Hwk-290 Print (In Person Only)

-FFG Official Acrylic Tokens

-Krayt Kylo Ren Crew Card x 10 

-X-wing Parody Song of your choice Written with and Recorded by Dion Morales

-Futurama Themed Damage Deck by "Red Moose Moose Standing by"

-Sea to Sky "Salt" Crit Tokens 5 sets of 5

-Ashoka Tano Print (In Person Only)

-FFG Official Agent Kallus Token

More Being Added!

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