Online X-wing Tournament!
FAQ about Event
  • Can I have a refund and/or participation prize(s) if I cancel/don't show up/etc?

    • No. This policy is in place to encourage commitment to the event and avoid players filling spots they can not use. Please contact us ASAP if you are unable to participate so that someone on the waiting list can be let in.

  • Why are only 148 Players allowed in each event? Can you add more?

    • This method of tournament at a large scale is very new. I want to properly test our procedures and server loads before scaling. We did find some bottlenecks that we are addressing and once we feel good about 148 we will increase the number of spots available.

  • Can people join my table to watch on TTS?

    • No. In order to limit the possibility of players receiving outside help, we are not allowing outside viewing of games.​

  • Can I stream my games?

    • No, but you can record them with your opponents consent. Though if managing your recording will delay you in any way do not do it. Also, In order to limit the possibility of players receiving outside help, we are not allowing outside viewing of games.​​

  • Will I be dropped if I don't upload my list before the deadline in the registration packet?

    • Yes.

  • Do I really need to do follow all those step in the PDF you sent when I signed up?

    • Yes. Not following all directions will cause you to be removed from the event. Remember no refund will be given.​

  • Where are the step by step instructions you said you sent?

    • Look at your receipt for the event and click "DOWNLOAD." This PDF will have all instructions and links you need.

  • I signed up on Table Top TO. Why do it say my sign up is pending?

    • Dion must go through each player to make sure they have filled out the google form in step 2 of the instructions. Make you have completed this. As the forms are completed Dion will manually approve each player.​

  • How much Experience do we need with the TTS?

    • After watching the tutorials and playing 5 games, I felt really comfortable playing.​ Mistakes might still happen but be sure to set yourself up for success. The event should NOT be your first time playing on the TTS platform.  

  • How Do I make/join a Room in TTS?

  • How do I color code my ships?

  • I accidentally deleted my ship/the wrong ship. What do I do?


  • What to do if TTS CRASHES during Space Jam!!! 

  • Have other questions?

    • ​Email me:​
    • Subject line: Space Jam Question

4/25 & 26

This event will be played over 2 days. Day 1 will consist of up to 6 Rounds of swiss.  Competitors  that make the top cut will play single elimination the next day.

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Unified Timer

This event will be run just like an in person event. We will be using TableTop.TO to keep a unified clock for all games being played.

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Real Prizes

Everyone will be receiving a participation prize via mail, but we are not stopping there! Faction Prizes, Top 64, Top 16, Top 8, Top 4, and a Championship Belt.

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Played on TTS

Players will be required to use Table Top Simulator and the Unified X-wing 2.0 mod to play in this event. There are also more technological expectations in place to aid in the smoothness of the event.

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This event will be using the extended format and using FFG's Advanced Structure. The Event will be capped at 148 players.

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