Each qualifying event will award a ranking to each player depending on their performance. Players can play in as many qualifiers as they would like.


Championship event placement is based on a player's BEST performance in a qualifier.


Players will receive a mix of digital and physical items as prizes depending on where they place in different events.

Each Paid Player automatically receives​ a championship prize pack for their earn rank in the series.

Played on TTS

Players will be required to use Table Top Simulator and the Unified X-wing 2.0 mod to play in this event.

Custom models, dice rollers, or any other custom TTS items may be used in game if both players agree.

List Building


This event series focuses on list building. Each event has unique rules.


Be sure to read the rules for each event you join!

Flight Club Champs Summary

The Flight Club Championship event series is an X-wing 2.0 competition with a focus on creative list building and unexpected challenges.

The Flight Club Championship event series includes a set of qualifying events (FCQ) that will put players into a championship event with players of similar skill/experience level. The event series will conclude with 3 separate championship events for each of our 3 levels. Theses 3 Levels are Recruit, Veteran, and Ace.

Each qualifier will have 6 rounds. Players are allowed to play in as many FCQs as they would like. Your best performance in a qualifying event will place you in the corresponding championship event. 

Recruit Championship - Players with a best performance of 0-2 wins in a FCQ
Veteran Championship - Must have a best performance of 3-4 wins in a FCQ
Ace Championship - Must have a best performance of 5-6 wins to in a FCQ

Each Championship event will run on a different day and will crown a separate Champion for each event. A player can only participate in 1 (one) Championship event. If the date for their corresponding Championship event doesn't work with their schedule a player may attend a lower tier championship if their average performance is equal to that level.

All events in the series are played utilizing the Table Top Simulator and the Unified X-Wing 2nd Edition module.

Players are expected to respect each other's time and follow all instructions in order to keep the event running smoothly.  Players who show up late for synchronous events or miss scheduled asynchronous game will be removed from the tournament WITHOUT a refund.

This will be played as a Formal level event. Players are expected to have working understanding of the basic rules of X-Wing Second Edition and be comfortable the basic functions of Table Top Simulator. Lack of knowledge of how to use the basic functions of TTS or personal technological failure will also result in you being removed from the tournament WITHOUT a refund.

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